[LACNIC/Anuncios] +Raices: Agreement for the Installation of Root Server F Copy in HAITI

alexandra at lacnic.net alexandra at lacnic.net
Wed May 19 11:08:56 BRT 2010

Curaçao, May 2010.-

Continuing with the effort for the development and the stability of the 
Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean, LACNIC jointly with AHTIC, 
signed today an agreement which will allow the installation in Haiti of an
anycast copy in the Caribbean of a F Root Server.

This important event took place during LACNIC's annual meeting, LACNIC 
XIII, which is being held at this moment at Curaçao, where Raul
Echeberria, LACNIC's Executive Director and Paul Vixie, President of  ISC,
and Reynold Guerrier in representation of AHTIC signed the agreement.

As six other countries have already done, within the framework of the 
+Raices project, LACNIC (Internet Address Registry for Latin America and 
the Caribbean), the ISC (Internet System Consortium), and AHTIC
formalized today their intention of installing a copy of the F Root 
Server in Haiti.

The +Raices Project is an initiative undertaken by LACNIC jointly with 
the ISC to promote the installation of F Root Server copies in Latin 
America and the Caribbean. This project has enabled the installation of 
copies in Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador and Sint Maarten
which in turn has translated into noticeable improvements in direct
network access for users and Internet service providers of these countries
and a relevant contribution to the stability of the Internet both within
the entire region as well as at global level.

This project is an example of the multistakeholder cooperation models 
promoted by the World Summit on the Information Society, one through 
which both government and private organizations can work collaboratively 
in benefit of Internet stability and growth in the region, goals to  which
LACNIC is strongly committed.

The domain name system is made up by millions of interconnected servers. 
Root servers are the ones that possess the information that initiate 
queries to this system. A technical limitation does not allow the 
existence of more than thirteen root servers, and they are identified by 
the letters A through M. Of these thirteen original root servers, ten 
were located in the United States, two in Europe and one in Japan, a  fact
that generated quite a bit of concern in view of the small number  of
servers and their geographic concentration.

In order to solve this problem, during the past few years a new
technique known as anycast is being used. This technique allows creating 
clones (known as mirrors) of these root servers; once these mirrors are 
in operation they are indistinguishable from the original servers. This 
adds more efficiency to the system and at the same time provides greater 
security and stability. The installations of the root servers are made  by
the anycast technology in the frame of +Raices project.

As you will remember, the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Address 
Registry (LACNIC) is the organization, based in Montevideo, that
administrates IP address space, Autonomous System Numbers (ASN), reverse 
resolution and other resources for the region of Latin America and the 
Caribbean (LAC), on behalf of the Internet community.

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