[LACNIC/Anuncios] Daily recap Day 1

Alexandra Dans alexandra at lacnic.net
Mon Oct 29 18:00:38 BRST 2012

*Welcome to this first daily recap!*

Lacnic's tenth anniversary event began on Sunday October 28 at the 
Radisson Victoria Plaza (Montevideo, Uruguay) with a full day tutorials 
and near 570 people registered.
Several specialists from different countries were in charge of the 
following tutorials which attracted more than 200 participants: basic 
and advanced IPv6, IPv6 for Managers, DNSSEC, RPKI, Security Incident 
Management and Internet Resource Management.

After the break, four specialists from Venezuela, Argentina, Spain and 
Uruguay held an IETF session to explain what the Internet Engineering 
Task Force is and how to make protocols for the Internet.

 From 6 to 7pm, a BoF (Birds of a Feather) on BGP (routing) was held. 
The BoF are informal discussion groups on a particular topic, without 
any pre-planned agenda. In Lacnic, the first BoF was successfully 
implemented during our event in Quito (May 2012).

The day ended with the session for new participants, where Ernesto Majó, 
Communications Manager, gave a briefing for all those who were attending 
for the first time a Lacnic meeting.

Starting on Monday, all our activities will be webcast and shown on the 
event website. It will also be possible to access photos, presentations, 
videos, press coverage, see the Twitter feed (# lacnic10) and read the 
daily recaps at the same place.

See you all tomorrow at 9 am in the Ballroom for the opening ceremony 
which will launch an exciting day of keynote presentations by prominent 
personalities from the region and the world.

Thank you for reading this recap!
Lacnic greatly appreciate your onsite and remote participation.


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