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Tue Oct 30 10:21:31 BRST 2012

* Welcome to our second daily recap!*

October 29th. The opening ceremony of this major event marking LACNIC's 
tenth anniversary kicked off a long-awaited day of keynote presentations 
by prominent regional and global personalities.

A video was presented chronicling the last 10 years of the history of 
the Internet in the region (2002-2012) and highlighting the significant 
progress achieved based on data such as the evolution of e-commerce, 
access, broadband, computer security groups, and the number of assigned 
IPs, among others. This video is now available on LACNIC's YouTube channel.

During the ceremony, Steve Crocker, Chairman of the ICANN Board, 
highlighted that he was "impressed by the solid and committed work both 
by Lacnic staff as by the regional community during this 10 years". More 
than 360 persons were in the room.
Steve Crocker, Raúl Echeberría, Geoff Huston, Patrick Falstrom, Marcos 
Galperín, Vinton Cerft (via video) and Lynn St. Amour, were among the 
morning's speakers tackling the issues underlying LACNIC's tenth 
anniversary: the evolution of the Internet and the opportunities and 
challenges for the next 10 years.

Two panels were organized for the afternoon. The first dealt with the 
issue of Internet governance and specifically focused on the upcoming 
World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT). The final 
activity of this second day was a panel on the topic of infrastructure 
for Internet development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Raul Echeberría, LACNIC's CEO, Lynn St. Amour, Internet Society 
President and CEO, and Steve Crocker, ICANN Chairman, opened the 
reception held at the Internet Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean 
at 7 pm. At 9 pm, we enjoyed a show by LATASÓNICA, a group that proposes 
the virtuous transformation of everyday objects into musical instruments 
using percussion, rhythm and movement, in progressive interaction with 
the audience. For those who stayed until the end of the evening, LACNIC 
prepared a surprise fireworks display.

Thanks for reading us! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 8 am 
for our Policy Hour, an hour prior to the Public Policy Forum where the 
large number of proposals under discussion will be presented.

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