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Carolina Badano cbadano at lacnic.net
Thu Jun 28 14:33:59 BRT 2018

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Les informamos que se ha publicado el boletín mensual LACNIC News. 
Incluye notas sobre IPv6, una entrevista a Bob Hinden, el evento On the 
Move Paraguay, entre otros temas destacados.

Pueden leer las notas aquí: 



Informamos que o boletim mensal LACNIC NEWS já foi publicado. O mesmo 
inclui notas sobre IPv6, entrevista a Bob Hindem, o evento LACNIC On the 
Move Paraguai, entre outros.

Confira as notas aqui: 



We are pleased to announce that a new edition of LACNIC News has been 
published. This latest edition includes articles on IPv6, an interview 
to Bob Hinden, the event LACNIC On the Move Paraguay, and other relevant 

To read the articles, go to: 


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