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Subject: [T2TRG] 1st International Workshop on Semantic Interoperability
for the IoT (SIFI)
Dear all

We are trying to get an academic community together that are interested in
the sweetspot between semantics and practical IoT applications! This is
directly related to the work in the IRTF T2TRG and the WoT IG. The workshop
will be co-located with the 6th International Conference on the Internet of
Things (IoT 2016) will take place November 7-9, 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany.


## Call for Papers

The International Workshop on Semantic Interoperability for the IoT (SIFI)
targets authors from the Semantic Web and the Internet of Things (IoT)
application layer to form a community that explores machine-understandable
information and interaction models for Thing-to-Thing communication. While
the IoT promises products and higher-value services based on the widespread
and integrated use of connected devices, we are currently witnessing
application silos with custom interfaces, heterogeneous network
communication mechanisms, and individual data models. The workshop aims to
overcome scenario-driven, not reusable, isolated islands of solutions, so
that everyday objects are not only network-enabled, but can finally
participate in integrated scenarios. The challenges include:

* __Connectivity and Integration:__ There is a heterogeneous landscape of
both wired and wireless communication standards to fulfill different
application requirements. Manual integration via gateways increases the
implementation effort and the complexity of the solutions.
* __Information Models:__ Each application usually comes with its own data
model, although the information about the physical world is relevant even
across application domains. The IoT requires shared formats and models so
that information can be understood and interpreted by all applications.
* __Security and Privacy:__ Each IoT platform typically comes with its own
security mechanisms and policies. To make use of a common information model
and interact with integrated IoT devices, these must be declared in a
machine-understandable manner.
* __Flexibility and Scalability:__ IT systems have usually been developed
and deploying with only the current or immediate future needs in mind. IoT
systems need to be able to handle change and evolve with their environment,
in particular when being part of long-lived infrastructure.
* __Monitoring and Analysis:__ IoT systems will produce a huge stream of
quasi real-time data. This requires innovative ways to analyze and assess
information to notify users in time or even to act autonomously.

The first SIFI workshop primarily seeks position papers to gather
researchers who want to follow a practical approach of Semantic Web
technology or who want to enrich their IoT applications, protocols, and
security profiles with semantic information. Promising concepts and
solutions may be pursued further within the IRTF [Thing-to-Thing Research
Group](https://github.com/t2trg/) and the W3C [Web of Things Interest

## Important Dates

* __Paper submission deadline:__ September 19, 2016
* __Notification of acceptance:__ October 10, 2016
* __Camera-ready papers due:__ October 24, 2016
* __Workshop date:__ t.b.d. (November 7-9, 2016)

## Submissions

* __Position paper (preferred):__ 1-4 ACM conference format pages
* __Full paper (limited slots):__ 6-8 ACM conference format pages

Both types of research paper must be original prior unpublished work and
not under review elsewhere as they will be published to the ACM digital
library and listed on DBLP. All submissions will be peer-reviewed and
selected based on their originality, merit, and relevance to the workshop.
Submission requires at least one author to present the paper on-site. If
you can, we encourage authors of accepted papers to bring a prototype and
demonstrate it at the workshop, as part of an open demonstration session.

## Organizers

* Matthias Kovatsch - Siemens AG and ETH Zurich, DE/CH
* Maria Maleshkova - KIT, DE
* Michael Mrissa - Université de Pau, FR
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