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Reenvío mail de Carsten Bormann sobre las próximas actividades y encuentros
sobre IOT

Saludos y buen año a los colegas de la lista

Carsten Bormann cabo at tzi.org a través de ietf.org
9:43 (hace 8 horas)

para t2trg
A happy new year to everyone!

I would like to provide some updates on the three meetings upcoming in
the next 90 days and beyond:

* W3C IG WoT + T2TRG, Biot Sophia Antipolis, FR, Jan 25..28

There is now a registration page at:

(Registration deadline Jan 15.)

Participants that do not work for W3C member companies will also have to
obtain an invitation (talk to me if you don't know what to do).

The agenda for this joint meeting is being set mostly from the W3C side.
Jan 25 is a plugfest, Jan 26 "Open Day", Jan 27/28 W3C F2F.
>From the T2TRG side, the intention is to use the existing drafts to
contribute some "plugREST" content to the plugfest.

* pre-IOTSI T2TRG meeting, San Jose, CA, US, Mar 15/16

Colocated with the IoT Semantic Interoperability Workshop:
(Paper deadline: Feb 22 -- don't forget to submit interesting work), we
will have a T2TRG meeting.  Logistics are still being worked out, but
the idea is to meet in the same building the two days (Tue, Wed) before
the IoTSI workshop.  As usual, we can discuss all kinds of research
relevant to T2TRG, but a natural highlight for this meeting will be
issues related to semantic interoperability.

* IETF95, Buenos Aires, AR, Apr 2..8

While we decided not to have a full RG meeting per se in Buenos Aires,
there are two natural gathering points:

-- Hackathon -- we could add some T2TRG specific subjects.

-- T2TRG summary meeting: We plan to provide a one-hour summary to the
IETF again, to discuss both RG results and overviews from W3C and other
related organizations.  If there is specific interest in further
research presentations (e.g., ones that would benefit from time and
location of IETF95), that would be good to know so we can reserve a
slightly larger time slot.

... and

* IETF96 in Berlin, mid-July

The next full RG meeting after that is slated to colocate with IETF96.

There will be lots of pre-IETF activities, e.g. by the RIOT people, as
well as possibly some (ETSI) plugtests, so we'll have to do some
coordination how to best integrate an RG meeting in this period.

Grüße, Carsten

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