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Este proyecto es interesante para compartir.  :-)

"The thing network" [1]  is a global open crowdsourced Internet of Things
data network." [6]

"The Things Network uses the LoRa(WAN) technology for wireless connectivity
over long distances. Gateways provide connectivity with a range of 2-25km.
Nodes (based on Arduino or other MCUs) equipped with a LoRa(WAN)
transceiver can send data to and receive data from nearby gateways. The
data will be forwarded through a distributed network via the internet to
any server you like. We provide a demo server as well" [7]

- Este proyecto ya cuenta con 4 comunidades en Latinoamérica (Argentina,
Uruguay, Brasil y México) [2].

- Gateways disponibles [3].

- Por ej. En Bs As. para ver el estado de uno de los Gws [4]. Para conocer
sus actividades, su página de facebook [5].



[1] https://thethingsnetwork.org/
[2] e.g. https://thethingsnetwork.org/c/buenosaires/
[3] http://ttnmapper.org/?gwall=1
[4] https://thethingsnetwork.org/api/v0/gateways/0080000000009F73/
[5] https://www.facebook.com/groups/826540804125684/
[6] https://github.com/TheThingsNetwork/ttn
[7] https://thethingsnetwork.org/wiki/
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