[Iot-lacnog] Survey on planning for possible online IETF meetings

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Si estan interesados en participar en los proximas IETFs, seria  muy bueno
que llenen el survey abajo detallado. Incluye preguntas sobre en
que horarios (timezones) se deberia llevar acabo y sobre fees, entre otras.

Saludos y gracias,


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Subject: Reminder: Survey on planning for possible online IETF meetings

This is a reminder that we need the IETF community to help us plan for the
possibility that one or more upcoming IETF meetings in 2020 and possibly
2021 may not be able to go ahead in person.  You can help us with this by
filling out the following survey:


So far we have 114 responses and we would ideally like 500 or more.

The survey contains the following pages and will take 15-20 minutes to

1. Welcome
2. Online IETF 107 and the subsequent virtual interims
3. Replacing a cancelled in-person meeting
4. Online meeting format and timezone
5. Replicating humming
6. Replicating the hallway environment
7. Fees
8. Thanks and anything else

We run the survey in anonymous mode which means that we only see data that
you explicitly provide.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Alissa Cooper, IETF Chair
Jay Daley, IETF Executive Director
Colin Perkins, IRTF Chair

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