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Recuerden que en Marzo se realiza en IETF 101, en formato virtual.
Pueden obtener una entrada sin costo, solicitándola en:

Nos vemos en el 101..


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January 18, 2021
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IETF 110
March 08-12, 2021

1.  Registration
2.  Fee Waivers
3.  IETF 110 Meeting T-Shirts
4.  Hackathon

1. Registration Early Bird Deadline:

        The early bird deadline for registration is Monday, January 18th.
        Be sure to register and pay before the deadline passes!
        Register online at: https://registration.ietf.org/110/

        NOTE: Payment is required at the time of registration. The Early
        registration fee is $230 USD until this Monday, January 18th at UTC
        After January 18th at UTC 23:59 the registration fee will be $280
USD until
        the next registration deadline on February 22nd, at which time the
        registration fee will become $330 USD.

2.  Fee Waivers:

        We understand that not everyone can afford the IETF 110 registration
        fee for a variety of reasons, including issues with income,
        employment status and employer support, and we do not want any of
        these to be a barrier to participation. If you cannot afford the
        registration fee then please take this fee waiver option to
        ensure that you can participate:

3. IETF 110 Meeting T-Shirts:

        After you register you will be able to choose if you want to
receive a
        IETF 110 t-shirt delivered to you at no additional expense. You must
        take action to request a t-shirt: it is not part of the meeting
        registration form. To reserve your t-shirt, visit your personal
        dashboard (i.e.
        Direct link to your dashboard is also available in your confirmation
        email. Limited quantities are available, on a
        basis with a limit of one per registration.

4.  Hackathon:

        The IETF is holding a Hackathon to encourage
        developers to discuss, collaborate and develop utilities, ideas,
        sample code and solutions that show practical implementations of
        IETF standards.

        When: Monday, March 1 through Friday, March 5, 2021
        Signup for the Hackathon:
        More information can be found here:
        Keep up to date by subscribing to:

        The Hackathon is free to attend and open to all. Extend
        the invitation to colleagues outside the IETF!

        Descriptions and information regarding the technologies
        for the hackathon are located on the IETF 110 Meeting Wiki:

        Don’t see anything that interests you? Feel free to add
        your preferred technology to the list, sign up as its
        Champion and show up to work on it. Note: you must login to
        the wiki to add content. If you do add a new technology, we
        strongly suggest that you send an email to hackathon at ietf.org
        to let others know. You may generate interest in your
        technology, and find other people who want to contribute to

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