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Dear colleagues,

We have a wonderful initiative at RIPE NCC sponsoring the trips of
academics to present at our meetings on topics such as network
measurement, network security, v6, BGP etc. In recept times, there has
been a drop in women applying (well, rather an increase of men, without
such a corresponding increase in women...). Could you please help me
spread the word about this to your networks?

The program is mostly meant for people studying or working at
universities in our service region (Europe, Middle East, Central Asia),
but in case of fitting presentations from outside, we've also made

Call for Applications
The RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative (RACI) is again looking for
talented academics in the field of Internet technology. Successful
applicants receive complimentary tickets, travel and accommodation to
the meetings and the opportunity to present their research.

If you are working on something interesting, please apply! If you know
someone in your network who is, please forward them this message.


Application deadlines
MENOG 19, (TBC): apply by 3 February 2019
SEE 8 (16-17 April, Sarajevo): apply by 3 February 2019
RIPE 78 (20-24 May, Reykjavik): apply by 17 February 2019
ENOG 16 (3-4 June, Tbilisi): apply by 17 February 2019

Examples of relevant topics
- Network measurements and analyses
- IPv6 deployment
- BGP routing
- Network security
- Internet governance
- Peering and interconnectivity
- Internet of Things

Presentation and videos of former RACI are available here:

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- Follow us on Twitter:

- Join our group on LinkedIn:

Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a lovely day!

Best regards,
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