[LAC-TF] RV: [ipv6cluster] Next IPv6 Cluster meeting and demonstrations

JORDI PALET MARTINEZ jordi.palet at consulintel.es
Mon Apr 4 12:23:47 BRT 2005

Hola a todos,

Me permite reenviar este correo que he enviado antes a unas listas concretas
en Ingles del IPv6 Cluster y TFs.

La idea es fomentar la participacion en este evento, desde el punto de vista
de participantes que quieran hacer demostraciones, por un lato, y por otro
invitando a todos los IPv6 Task Forces de todo el mundo y organizaciones
relacionadas, a una jornada de puesta en comun. Algo asi como pasado,
presente y futuro.

Aquellos que no tengais pensado acudir a IGC, pero si que quisierais
participar el Viernes 10 de Junio, por favor hacermelo saber lo antes
posible, para ir elaborando una lista y facilitar el acceso.


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Asunto: [ipv6cluster] Next IPv6 Cluster meeting and demonstrations

Hi all,

As you have probably know already, we are organizing the next IPv6 Summit in
Barcelona, next June 6-10th.


We have also got the support of the event that is hosting us (IGC) in order
to allocate the Friday for the IPv6 Cluster, together with people from
several part of the world, related to different IPv6 and related activities,
that will join us in an open debate. The idea is to look at what we have
done until now, what is the present situation and what we are missing in the

I will like to have an idea about who will be attending this meeting,
specially in case you aren¹t participating at the event the rest of the

We are also evaluating the possibility of setting up some demonstrations,
not only from IST projects, but also from other industrial activities
related to IPv6, as we did previously in several occasions.

If you¹re interested or have any additional related questions, please
contact me ASAP (specially for the demos, as we need to take certain
decisions very urgently on this matter).

I want to remind all the IST project participants that this may become one
of your best chances for dissemination activities during this year, as we
expect an international attendance of around 3.000 people, involved in
different ICT fields.

Please, forward this to other people that may be interested in attending the
meeting or joining the demonstrations.

Thanks in advance once more for your support !


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