[LAC-TF] RE: The new IPv6 Task Force of Peru

Rosa Delgado rosa at delgado.aero
Sun May 15 06:18:06 BRT 2005

Estimado Raul,

La presente es para informate sobre la respuesta a la demanda del grupo
peruano - con los que he estado en contacto por los ultimos dos anos
para la creacion de la TF Peruana. 

Aqui te envio las comunicaciones relacionadas a este topico.   

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Subject: RE: The new IPv6 Task Force of Peru

This is excellent Rosa and very pleased to welcome again our friends
from Peru that have been involved in IPv6 for a couple of years now.

I guess a new wave of forming new IPv6 Task Forces is taking place in
Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America and beyond.

We have just inaugurated the Netherlands IPv6 Task Force with high
caliber members, then the United Arab Emirates with a very successful v6
Summit in March 05 and the Egyptian IPv6 Task Force with a strong IPv6
Summit in May 7-8 along the WSIS event.

A Regional IPv6 Task Force for the Middle East/Africa & Emerging Nations
is now formed to create regional testbeds ( Khawarizmi-v6 for MEA and
6Mandela for Africa). Dr. Tarek Kamal, Egyptian Minister of
Communication and Emeritus Trustee of the Internet Society, has accepted
to become its Honorary chairman and lend to it the necessary political

New v6 Task Forces are in the making in Ireland, New Zealand (Sep 05),
Canada (Nov 05 along the IETF in Vancouver), Thailand and Morocco.

The v6 flame is crossing continents and new v6 pioneers will carry it to
new nations.


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'ddiaz at inictel.gob.pe'; 'alfredo.arnulfo at comsat.com.pe'
Subject: The new IPv6 Task Force of Peru
Importance: High

Latif and Bosco,

As I mentioned to you during the Summit of the IPv6 Egyptian Task Force
- which was very successful indeed, I am pleased to announce the
creation of the Peruvian IPv6 Task Force. 

A message from the initial Task Force: 

The Peruvian Task Force is established in order to address the
opportunities and challenges for the national and wide community
(Government, industry, academic, international organizations and civil
society) to be faced when adopting the IPv6. Raise awareness on the
impacts of IPv6 on technical and socio-economic sectors. Increase
industry co-ordination and encourage to begin the initial phases of IPv6

As Peruvian, I am planning to support the efforts of this new Latin
American team.

The following members have decided to create the IPv6 Task Force of

1) Ricardo Palma University (http://www.urp.edu.pe) 
The Ricardo Palma University have a important presence in graduate and
post graduate education of Peru 

Mesias Guevara Amasifuen (dir-ele at urp.edu.pe)
Leonardo Alcayhuaman A. (lalcayhuaman at urp.edu.pe)
Marco Torres Curo (mtorres at urp.edu.pe)

2) Asamblea Nacional de Rectores (ANR) (National Assembly of University
The national assembly of Directors from every university in Peru

Ivan Rodriguez Chavez (presidencia at anr.edu.pe), President

3) Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Capacitación en
Telecomunicaciones (Inictel) 
Inictel is the national institute for research and technical training in

Pedro Valdivia Maldonadao (pvaldivia at inictel.gob.pe), Director Daniel
Diaz Ataucuri (ddiaz at inictel.gob.pe)

4) Comsat International
Comsat International is a leading provider in satellite communications.
CONSAT is currently a member of the IPv6 Forum.

Alfredo Arnulfo (alfredo.arnulfo at comsat.com.pe), Director


The Task Force is currently drafting the Term of Reference and the
organizational structure. They are also in the process to invite ISPs,
operators and other national players to join the TF.



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