[LAC-TF] FLIP6 y LAC IPv6 TF - Call for presentation of works.

Mariela Rocha marielac.rocha at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 16:34:24 BRT 2007

As it will be celebrated the Latinamerican Forum about IPv6,FLIP6 and
IPv6 Task Force of Latinamerican and Caribbean, that will take place in
the frame of LACNIC X, we make a call to the community for the
presentation of works in order to be part and contribute to the schedule
of those meetings.
All those who are interested in making presentations, should send the
following information to this e-mail address: comitelactf at lac.ipv6tf.org
-Title of the work to be presented.
-Extended abstract, minimum one sheet and maximum two sheets.
-Name, surname, e-mail and place of speaker¹s performance.
The basic criteria that the Evaluation Committee ad hoc uses to evaluate
the presented works are the following:
- Originality 
- Valuable experience to be share.
- Posibility of it general application
- Replication 
- Development importance
The period to present the works ends on April 2, 2007. On Monday, April
16, will be notified the ones who their works were selected. 
This announcement will be done to the e-mail address that was specified
in the postulation. 

Best Regards,

Mariela Rocha.-

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