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Hi Roque!

This is Jane from the US.  We met on Bariloche.  I hope that you are well.  This looks like a great study.


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Esta es una encuesta para seguir qué técnicas de implementación los ISPs están utilizando o pensando utilizar.


Just FYI a survey of deployment techniques chosen by the ISPs.


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> Subject: IPv6 deployment scenarios
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> Organization: University of Auckland
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> Hi,
> Sheng Jiang (Huawei) and Brian Carpenter (University of Auckland, research
> consultant to Huawei) are currently running a questionnaire on IPv6 deployment,
> addressed to every ISP. The purpose is to provide facts for a document about
> deployment scenarios that we are drafting for discussion in the IETF.
> We will keep your reply strictly confidential and we will publish only
> combined results. We will not identify information about individual ISPs
> in any published results. If you request it, we will not mention you or
> the ISP in the acknowledgments.
> Please find the questionnaire at
> http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~brian/ISP-v6-QQ.html
> Answers are requested ASAP.
> (Hmm. As I write, the IPv6 access to that server is broken.
> Hopefully it will be back soon.)
> btw, we know that the questionnaire is imperfect; all questionnaires
> are imperfect. Also, this is not a marketing survey; we are after
> technical information.
> Regards
>   Brian Carpenter

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