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Roque Gagliano roque at lacnic.net
Fri Jan 29 19:10:07 BRST 2010


Si alguno está haciendo peering con Google en IPv6 (por ejemplo en PTT o NOTA) deberían poder ahora acceder al contenido youtube sobre IPv6. Yo no he podido verificar el anuncio. 



Dear all,

Good news, If you are peering in v6 with Google, you can now access Youtube over IPv6. I was unable to verify the information.


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> From: Martin Millnert <millnert at csbnet.se>
> Date: January 29, 2010 8:33:20 PM GMT+01:00
> To: ipv6-wg at ripe.net
> Subject: [ipv6-wg] Youtube over IPv6!
> Hello fellow IPv6 admirers,
> (I'm sending this here on behalf of Shane. :) )
> As you might know already, Google has been so *tremendously* kind to, as
> of ~22 hours ago, initiate the enabling of their Youtube site over IPv6.
> It is currently available to participants in their Google over IPv6
> program, http://www.google.com/intl/en/ipv6/ .
> The www.youtube.com user interface so far does *not* have any AAAA
> published, but the *much* more important (traffic wise) image and video
> servers do. Use tcpdump to verify.
> Eg., 
> anticimex at hsa:~$ host s.ytimg.com
> s.ytimg.com is an alias for static.cache.l.google.com.
> static.cache.l.google.com has address
> static.cache.l.google.com has IPv6 address 2001:4860:4001:402::15
> anticimex at hsa:~$ host v1.lscache1.c.youtube.com
> v1.lscache1.c.youtube.com is an alias for v1.lscache1.l.google.com.
> v1.lscache1.l.google.com has address
> v1.lscache1.l.google.com has IPv6 address 2001:4860:4001:402::10
> The time when it began is clearly visible in our own IPv6 graphs,
> http://stats.csbnet.se/public/ipv6/csbnet-ipv6-traffictypes.html ,
> and you can see similar correlated data at for example
> http://www.de-cix.net/content/network.html .
> To figure out all the mappings they give you, if you want to trace etc,
> something similar to: "for i in `seq 1 24 `; do for y in `seq 1 8 `; do
> host v$i.lscache$y.c.youtube.com ; done ; done | grep 'IPv6 address' |
> cut -d' ' -f 1,5 | sort -uk2" could be used - at least from where I sit.
> Adjust for correctness.
> I'm sure that as this matures and bugs are wiped out, there will no
> longer be any need for the Google over IPv6 program and everybody will
> be able to access this. Until then, join! :)
> I bow to the Google IPv6 team, their netops and everybody there that is
> working so hard to give the Internet true CONTENT on IPv6. Yippie!
> From 48514, much of love!  Thank you guys (and gals)! 
> Regards,
> -- 
> Martin Millnert <millnert at csbnet.se>

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