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Mariela Rocha marielac.rocha at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 17:14:21 BRT 2011


The ninth edition of the Latin American IPv6 Forum -- FLIP6 -- was held 
on May 16-17 within the framework of the LACNIC XV event that tool place 
in the city of Cancun, Mexico.

As usual, activities started with the presentation of the annual report 
of the LAC IPv6 TF by the Forum's Chair, Mariela Rocha.
The program included the presence of important personalities from our 
region and from abroad, either with individual presentations or as part 
of various panels.

Alain Durand (Juniper), highly experienced in large scale IPv6 
deployment, shared his view on IPv4 networks, their survival through 
NAT, and their coexistence with IPv6.

A new IPv6 Task Force was presented by Wanda Perez, who played a key 
role in its recent creation in the Dominican Republic.

The program also included three panels on topics extremely relevant for 
the community: Panel on Major Implementations, Panel on Statistics, and 
Panel on Work Carried out within the Region.

The first of the panels was made up by Diego Veca and Jason Fesler of 
Facebook and Yahoo! respectively, who in addition to telling the 
audience about their corresponding initiatives for IPv6 deployment 
shared details about the upcoming World IPv6 Day.

The Panel on Statistics was made up by Arturo Servin of LACNIC, 
Guillermo Cicileo of the Argentine University Interconnection Network, 
and Alejandro Acosta of BT Latam Venezuela. The three panelists 
presented IPv6 deployment numbers in terms of assignments, global 
routing tables and applications. Martin Levy provided a different point 
of view, considering the high level of IPv6 penetration in those ISPs 
that have a large number of peerings.

As a result of the call for presentations made through the LACIPv6TF 
mailing list, four presenters from the region shared their experiences 
on topics such as VoIP, 6LowPAN, media streaming and addressing with 
free software. Presenters included Pablo Rico, Horacio Ruiz and Matias 
Sentanaro of the ORT University of Uruguay, Gustavo Mercado of the 
National Technological University of Argentina, Roberto Ferro Escobar of 
the District University Francisco José de Caldas of Colombia, and Pedro 
Torres of the Brazilian National Research Network.

Jordi Palet of Consulintel -- Spain gave the final presentation, a 
general view of government actions aimed at achieving IPv6 deployment.

Finally, the name of the person who will serve as LAC IPv6 TF and FLIP6 
Chair during the next two years was announced. Jorge Villa of Cuba and 
Alejandro Acosta of Venezuela were the nominated candidates in an 
election in which a total of 142 ballots were cast. Alejandro Acosta 
obtained the majority of votes and will serve as Chair until the 2013 
FLIP6 meeting.

This edition of FLIP6 was the ninth edition to be held, which shows that 
it is consolidating itself into a space of constant growth and becoming 
the reference IPv6 forum for Latin America and the Caribbean.


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