[LAC-TF] ping6/traceroute6 measurements available under request

Iñigo Ortiz de Urbina inigo at infornografia.net
Tue Jun 5 11:41:36 BRT 2012

Dear afripv6, lactf lists

I am writing to offer you all the possibility of measuring your websites
using RIPE NCC's Atlas platform. If you dont know, or have further
questions about RIPE Atlas, please do not hesitate to read the following


I host three probes in Spain and consequently I have credits to spend in
User Defined Measurements, so I thought it could be both nice and
beneficial to share them with these two communities, in which fewer probes
are available. RIPE NCC staff has kindly increased my credit consumption
limit temporarily so this offer can take place.

If you are interested in setting up measurements, contact me (on|off)list
so we can exchange the necessary information. I have a limited amount of
credits for measurements which I will configure in a FCFS basis.

These two different measurements are available, which should allow for many
of them to be created:

1) ping6 from up to 3 probes, measuring each 15m, during 48 hours
2) traceroute6 from up to 3 probes, measuring each 30m, during 48 hours

Upon completion of World IPv6 Launch Day, I will email your measurement
results (ping latency/packet loss visualization (classic RRDtool plots) and
ping6/traceroute6 raw data) for your analysis.

Happy measuring!


PS: I am not part of RIPE NCC nor I get any benefit from this. I though
some of you may want to measure the performance of your systems and have no
way of doing so otherwise.


- Así que este es el futuro del hombre: calentarse a los rayos del sol,
bañarse en las claras corrientes de agua, y comer los frutos de la tierra
olvidando todo trabajo y fatiga.

- Bueno, y por qué no?

"El tiempo en sus manos"
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