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On Wed, 16 May 2012, Latif Ladid (''The New Internet based on IPv6'') 

[IMAGE]Description: Description: 

Executive Summary: The purpose of this planning guide is to provide United 
States (U.S.) Federal Government agency leaders with
practical and actionable guidance on how to successfully integrate 
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) throughout their enterprise.
This guide has been updated from the original guide published in 2009 to 
aid in understanding the Federal Government's Internet
Protocol version 6 (IPv6) history, vision, current goals, and deadlines. 
Based on the information found in this document, the
Agency Chief Information Officer (CIO), IPv6 Transition Managers, Chief 
Enterprise Architects, and Chief Acquisition Officers (CAO)
can assess their own agency's current IPv6 implementation progress and 
develop an agency-specific plan with detailed milestones to
achieve the defined IPv6 goals for FY2012 and FY2014.

Download the USGv6Roadmap: USGv6Roadmap.pdf on IPv6forum web site: 
Download the USGv6Roadmap:
  USGv6Roadmap.pdf on IPv6forum web site: www.ipv6forum.org

Dr. Peter Tseronis
Chairperson of the Federal IPv6 Task Force
Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Energy

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