[LAC-TF] Fwd: And this month big surprize is... Romania!

Fernando Gont fgont at si6networks.com
Sat May 19 09:58:04 BRT 2012


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Subject: 	And this month big surprize is... Romania!
Date: 	Fri, 4 May 2012 23:37:00 +0200
From: 	Eric Vyncke (evyncke) <evyncke at cisco.com>
To: 	<ipv6-ops at lists.cluenet.de>

I am doing some measurement about IPv6 peers on the BitTorrent network
(http://www.vyncke.org/ipv6status/p2p.php) and while the big surprise of
early 2012 was the rise of US (esp AT&T network), in May the big rise is
Romania and a provider named ‘RCS & RDS SA’ which is able in a couple of
weeks to rise the number of native IPv6 BT peers in Romania to 1.6%...

Quite impressive and if anyone knows the story behind this provider, I
am glad to read about it ;-)

Best regards


PS: http://www.vyncke.org/ipv6status/plotpenetration.php?country=ro (a
different representation of Google stats – thanks Eric & Lorenzo) shows
the very same trends!

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