[LAC-TF] Reunión de ipv6hackers en Berlin

Fernando Gont fgont at si6networks.com
Sat Jul 13 15:06:16 BRT 2013


Finalmente, y después de mucho trabajo, tendremos la primer reunión de
ipv6hakers en Berlin, durante la semana de la reunión de IETF.

La info completa del evento está disponible en:

Quienes estén por Berlin (probablemente por la reuniónd e IETF), están

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IPv6 Hackers Meeting - Berlin 2013

** What **

>From a couple of years now, we have had a mailing-list devoted to IPv6
hacking (i.e., testing, tools, low-level stuff, etc.), home of the
"ipv6hackers" group. The mailing-list ("charter", subscription options,
etc.) is available at: <http://lists.si6networks.com/listinfo/ipv6hackers/>.

We're planning to have our first in-person meeting, which will feature a
number of presentations (which MUST be accompanied
with code and/or measurements/testing).

** When **

July 30 (Tuesday), 2013. From 16:00 to 19:00.

** Where **

Salzufer 14, 10587  Berlin, Germany. EANTC AG (European Advanced
Networking Test Center) Headquarters.

If you'll be arriving from the IETF 87 venue (Intercontinental Berlin),
it's about a 30-minute walk.

Maps available here: <http://www.ipv6hackers.org/meetings/berlin-2013>

** How to participate **

The meeting is open for participation, at no cost.

If you have any interesting stuff to present, please send the following
information to <info at ipv6hackers.org> *before* July 23, 2013:

 * Proposed presentation title
 * Abstract
 * Speaker name

Note: All presentations must be practical in nature. They must feature
tools, testing, and/or measurements.
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