[LAC-TF] Kapil Sibal unveils National IPv6 deployment roadmap

Alejandro Acosta alejandroacostaalamo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 15:20:12 BRT 2013

Hola lista,
Kapil Sibal unveils National IPv6 deployment roadmap


Un extractor de la noticia:
NEW DELHI, INDIA: Union Minister for Communications & IT, Kapil Sibal
recently unveiled 'National IPv6 Deployment Roadmap Version - II, a
document containing policy guidelines for IPv6 transition prepared by NT
Cell, Department of Telecom (DoT).

Highlighting the importance of Internet, Saibal said, "Internet is an
important tool to connect not only people but people and devices. The
explosive growth of mobile subscribers and exponential growth of data has
made it imperative to transit to IPv6 to move to smart knowledge society."

Sibal emphasized that IPv6 is a limitless highway and the challenge is to
bridge the gap between IPv4 and IPv6.

He further added that Internet of Things (IoT) offers an immense
opportunity for India whereby products & services based on IPv6 can be
manufactured here and exported globally.

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