[LAC-TF] M1 starts offering IPv6 addresses for home broadband users

Alejandro Acosta alejandroacostaalamo at gmail.com
Tue May 28 22:00:01 BRT 2013

M1 starts offering IPv6 addresses for home broadband users

Noticia completa en:

"M1 has become the latest service provider in Singapore to give home
broadband users IPv6 Internet addresses, as part of a long-term plan
to ensure that they can connect to websites moving to a new addressing
system in future.

The IPv6 system allows trillions of computers, sensors and other
Internet devices to each have an unique ID, enabling them to be more
easily connected to one another.

In future, some websites will run exclusively on these new IPv6
addresses, as current IPv4 addresses are used up quickly by an
exponential growth in Internet devices. To reach these IPv6-only
websites, users will need an IPv6 connection.

M1 confirmed with Techgoondu today that it had started rolling out the
feature to its existing home users from last month. Viewqwest and
MyRepublic are also known to provide IPv6 addresses. We are checking
with SingTel and StarHub if they offer IPv6 to home users.

Many telecom operators now offer both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses so users
can connect to websites running on either system without having to
configure any settings. Many websites, such as Google and Facebook,
also run on both systems to ensure compatibility, before IPv6 becomes
the de facto one in future.

While that is several years away, the new technology does bring
immediate benefits to techie users. For example, each home computer or
storage device can have a public IPv6 address, which makes them easier
to connect to. There is no need to forward a port number, like what
many users do today on their routers."



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