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Complete information in: http://iwpietf.lacnog.org (English, Spanish and

I Workshop pre-IETF

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is an international community
interested in fulfilling the mission of defining standards that impact
the design, use and management of Internet resources [RFC3935 (
http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3935.txt )]. The process of establishing
standards for the Internet is long, complex and requires active
participation, particularly of students and researchers. There are many
people around the world actively working on it, however there is a
growing need for more fresh participation.

The attendance from Latin America has been very low, as many potential
targeted participants do not know about the IETF or were not motivated
to do so. A group of volunteers emerged from the “IETF – LAC list” to
build this Workshop, aiming to increase Latin American presence in IETF
processes. Besides outreaching about IETF, it is important to provide an
environment that allows our technicians, students and researchers to
show their skills, in advance of any IETF meeting.

The papers presented at the workshop will be adapted or supplemented if
necessary, and forwarded to the IETF, with effective support (by the
Committee Pos Workshop) to increase Latin American participation.

Important dates

Full and Short Paper Submission: April 21
Notification to the authors: May 21
Final version: June 21
Workshop: July 30


The full-day event will consist of technical sessions with selected
paper presentations and invited panels, lectures and workshops.
Technical sessions have presentations based on technical papers (full
papers) and extended abstracts (position papers) written in Espanish,
Portuguese or English. They must follow the format defined in the
standard from the Brazilian Computing Society, available in
up to 15 or 6 pages and uploaded via JEMS:
https://submissoes.sbc.org.br/chair.cgi?c=2018.  For CSBC 2014
attendees, there will be a daily group discussion to address additional
topics, followed in the list IETF LAC (which subscription is free -

Topics of interest

Topics of interest for WPIETF LAC 2014 include a discussion (original or
not) that fit in eight areas of interest to the IETF as described below
and detailed in several pages of the IETF website (http://www.ietf.org),
in particular on page http://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/.

*Area 1.* Applications: Protocols reaching users programs such as email
and Web
*Area 2.* General: IETF processes and related working groups processes
that do not fit into any of the available areas.
*Area 3.* Internet: The different ways to IP routing and DNS management.
*Area 4.* Operations and Management : Operational aspects monitoring and
network configuration.
*Area 5.* Real-time applications and infrastructure : Interpersonal
communications sensitive to delays.
*Area 6.* Routing : Routing packets to their destination.
*Area 7.* Security : Authentication and privacy.
*Area 8.* Transport: Special services for special packages.

Key workshop contacts:

Alvaro Retana: aretana AT cisco DOT com
Christian O’Flaherty: oflaherty AT isoc DOT org
Julião Braga: juliao AT braga DOT eti DOT br
Lisandro Zambenedetti Granvile: granville AT inf DOT ufrgs DOT br

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