[LAC-TF] OpenWRT gets native IPv6 stroking in major refresh

Alejandro Acosta alejandroacostaalamo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 15:25:56 BRT 2014

Estimada lista,
  Una excelente noticia para los usuarios de openwrt


Copy/paste parcial de la noticia:

"The embedded Linux distro OpenWRT has updated native IPv6 support –
allowing devices to automatically pick up an IPv6 address, as well as an
IPv4 one, from an ISP if possible.

The release candidate is code-named “Barrier Breaker” and runs the Linux
3.10 kernel. OpenWRT 14.07's improved IPv6 support is useful for people
with IPv6-friendly ISPs, although the software has been able to do
IPv6-over-IPv4 tunnels with IPv4-only internet providers for a while.

Now the IPv6 stack includes support for router advertisements and DHCPv6
with prefix delegation, multihoming with local prefix allocation, and
source-constrained routing.

It's an important move as it may encourage more consumer kit vendors to
adopt OpenWRT for its IPv6 stack, and it helps position the open-source
OS for Internet of Things applications that are going to need v6 support."



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