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Antonio M. Moreiras moreiras at nic.br
Tue Jan 6 12:47:16 BRST 2015

I think that is important to point that it was not exactly a 'decision'
by telecom regulator ANATEL. It was a result of a working group that was
lead by ANATEL and included the main telecom operators and NIC.br, as
stated. It isn't an enforcement, regulation or rule imposed by our
regulator, just an agreement about the deadlines.

If you want more details, there was a presentation from ANATEL at the "V
Fórum Brasileiro de IPv6", last december (in portuguese):



On 25/12/14 23h45m, Alejandro Acosta wrote:
> Extracto tomado de
> http://www.bnamericas.com/news/telecommunications/tim-ready-to-roll-out-ipv6-for-corporate-segment
> "Brazilian telecom carrier TIM
> <http://www.bnamericas.com/company-profile/en/TIM_Participacoes_S,A,-TIM_Participacoes> said
> it is ready to offer IPv6 on a large scale to its corporate customer
> base, while tests are underway for the mobile and residential markets,
> the company said in a statement.
> The move follows a decision by telecom regulator Anatel
> <http://www.bnamericas.com/company-profile/en/Agencia_Nacional_de_Telecomunicacoes-Anatel_,Brazil,> according
> to which all Brazilian operators should be able to adopt IPv6 addresses
> by July 2015.The deadline was agreed between the regulator, telcos and
> the country's internet steering committee CGI.br."
> Noticia completa en:
> http://www.bnamericas.com/news/telecommunications/tim-ready-to-roll-out-ipv6-for-corporate-segment
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