[LAC-TF] Fwd: gogoNET and Freenet6 Closing Down

Azael Fernandez Alcantara afaza at unam.mx
Thu Apr 14 13:31:35 BRT 2016

Buen Dia,

Efectivamente, la unica opcion que queda por el momento al parecer es 
Hurricane (he.net), si alguien conoce otras favor de compartir.

Por lo que, como se ha comentado en otros correos (con titulo "Call your 
ISP for IPv6! ", un llamado a los ISPs regionales, y a llamarlos, para que 
ya ofrezcan conectividad nativa con IPv6, al menos en una primera etapa de 
pruebas si asi lo deciden.

Mensaje enviado sin acentos

On Thu, 14 Apr 2016, Erick Lobo Marín wrote:

> Buenos días, anuncio para aquellos que utilizábamos estas plataformas en
> las pruebas IPv6.
> Atentamente,
> Erick Lobo Marín
> Fiscalizador
> Contraloría General de la República
> T: (506) 2501-8243
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> From: gogoNET <mail at gogo6.com>
> Date: 2016-04-14 6:40 GMT-06:00
> Subject: gogoNET and Freenet6 Closing Down
> To: "erick.lobo at cgr.go.cr" <erick.lobo at cgr.go.cr>
> Hello.  After 6 years of IPv6 goodness, gogoNET is closing down.  With over
> 100,000 registered members I’d like to think that we made a difference in
> helping the world transition to IPv6.
> The Freenet6 service will also stop accepting new users and it is unknown
> how long it will continue to operate for existing users.  If you rely on
> one of our free tunnels or address blocks you should start looking for
> alternatives.
> The company gogo6 stopped operating almost two years ago.  The gogoNET
> community and FN6 tunnel broker service lost money for years before that
> but I kept it running because it helped people, not only to get IPv6 but
> for some people it provided access to the uncensored Internet from
> countries that try to restrict it.
> gogoNET will go dark on April 23, 2016.  How long Freenet6 will continue to
> operate is uncertain since its IPv6 block from ARIN has not been renewed.
> With the transition to the Internet of IPv6 well on its way I have shifted
> my focus to help with the transition to the Internet of Things with my new
> site, http://www.iot-inc.com.  Hope to see you there, Bruce
> Visit gogoNET at: http://www.gogo6.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network
> To control which emails you receive on gogoNET, click here
> <http://www.gogo6.com/profiles/profile/emailSettings?xg_source=msg_mes_network>

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