[LAC-TF] IETF I-D: "Generation of IPv6 Atomic Fragments Considered Harmful" (Fwd: New Version Notification for draft-ietf-6man-deprecate-atomfrag-generation-05.txt)

Fernando Gont fgont at si6networks.com
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Este I-D llevo a que se remueva la funcionalidad en cuestión de la
inminente revision de la especificacion de IPv6 [1], y de la de SIIT [2].

[1] <https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-6man-rfc2460bis>
[2] <https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-bao-v6ops-rfc6145bis>

P.S.: "Vos también, Pasman".

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A new version of I-D, draft-ietf-6man-deprecate-atomfrag-generation-05.txt
has been successfully submitted by Fernando Gont and posted to the
IETF repository.

Name:		draft-ietf-6man-deprecate-atomfrag-generation
Revision:	05
Title:		Generation of IPv6 Atomic Fragments Considered Harmful
Document date:	2016-01-20
Group:		6man
Pages:		10

   RFC2460 requires that when a host receives an ICMPv6 "Packet Too Big"
   message reporting an MTU smaller than 1280 bytes, the host includes a
   Fragment Header in all subsequent packets sent to that destination,
   without reducing the assumed Path-MTU.  The simplicity with which
   ICMPv6 "Packet Too Big" messages can be forged means that an attacker
   can leverage this functionality (the generation of IPv6 atomic
   fragments) to trigger the use of fragmentation for any arbitrary IPv6
   flow, and subsequently perform any fragmentation-based attack.  This
   document discusses the security implications of the generation of
   IPv6 atomic fragments and a number of interoperability issues
   associated with IPv6 atomic fragments, and concludes that the
   aforementioned functionality is undesirable, thus documenting the
   motivation for removing this functionality in the revision of the
   core IPv6 protocol specification [I-D.ietf-6man-rfc2460bis].

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