[LAC-TF] IPv6 residential deployment survey (looking into technical aspects)

JORDI PALET MARTINEZ jordi.palet at consulintel.es
Fri May 20 07:18:20 BRT 2016

Hola a todos,

He decidido hacer una pequeña encuesta a nivel global acerca de algunos aspectos (técnicos) del despliegue de IPv6.

Agredeceria que respondáis a la misma, aunque sean pilotos, o planes de cómo creeis que daréis el servicio (si sois ISPs) o bien como os lo están dando vuestros ISPs (si sois clientes).

Esta en ingles, pero es muy fácil y rápida de contestar.

Mil gracias ¡


Hi all,

I got so much input for a small “email survey”, that I’ve decided to make it more complete and on-line.

The results will be published and updated every month or so, I will provide ASAP the link to those stats. No personal data will be published.


(If you know your network, it takes less than 2 minutes to complete it)

It can be responded even if is not yet a commercial service, and customers can also respond, not just the ISP. However, to avoid duplicate data, make sure to include the country and ISP name.

For those that already replied to me by email, it will be much better if you can fill in the on-line survey. Otherwise, after a week or so, I will input “manually” the data that you provided, but then there will be many “empty” questions.

Please, feel free to circulate this message as much as you can !

Thanks a lot!


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