[LAC-TF] Lecturas inicio de semana: Articulo / Draft y Ultimas llamadas

Azael Fernandez Alcantara afaza at unam.mx
Mon Nov 14 14:41:15 BRST 2016

Buen Dia,

Recomiendo darse tiempo para darle una lectura, aunque sea rapida, de:

- Working Group Update: 6Lo
The WG is a successor of the 6LoWPAN WG, with a primary difference that 
the 6Lo WG works across the many layer 2 (L2) technologies that use a base 
6LoWPAN stack (RFC 4944, RFC 6282, RFC 6775) for the IPv6 header, 
low-power adaptation, stateless compression, Neighbor Discovery 
Optimization for reduced multicast messages, and device registration for 
reliable connectivity.


- RADIUS Extensions for IP Port Configuration and Reporting' to Proposed 

"This document defines three new RADIUS attributes.  ..
.. This mechanism can be used in various deployment scenarios such as
  Carrier-Grade NAT, IPv4/IPv6 translators, Provider WLAN Gateway, etc."

- Transmission of IPv6 over MS/TP Networks to Proposed Standard

Ultima llamada:

"   Master-Slave/Token-Passing (MS/TP) is a medium access control method
    for the RS-485 physical layer, which is used extensively in building
    automation networks.  This specification defines the frame format for
    transmission of IPv6 packets and the method of forming link-local and
    statelessly autoconfigured IPv6 addresses on MS/TP networks."


- Privacy  Considerations for IPv6 Adaptation Layer Mechanisms) to 
Informational RFC

Ultima llamada:

"   This document discusses how a number of privacy threats apply to
    technologies designed for IPv6 over various link layer protocols, and
    provides advice to protocol designers on how to address such threats
    in adaptation layer specifications for IPv6 over such links."


- ICE Multihomed and IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Guidelines

Ultima llamada:

"This document provides guidelines on how to make Interactive
    Connectivity Establishment (ICE) conclude faster in multihomed and
    IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack scenarios where broken paths exist.  The
    provided guidelines are backwards compatible with the original ICE



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