[LAC-TF] LACNIC's upcoming webinar - DHCPv6: Inside and Out (English only)

Alejandro Acosta alejandroacostaalamo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 22:26:19 BRST 2016


   I'm pleased to inform you that the Webinar DHCPv6: Inside and Out is 
available in youtube: https://youtu.be/nxJuKk5VE-8



On 9/16/2016 10:03 AM, Alejandro Acosta wrote:
> Dear List members,
> We would like to invite you to LACNIC's upcoming webinar.
> Language: English only
> Topic: DHCPv6: Inside and Out
> Brief description:
> DHCPv6 isn’t just IPv4 DHCP with extra bits and a longer address! It’s a
> complete restructuring of DHCP using the framework of IPv6 Neighbor
> Discovery (itself a restructuring of ARP). In this webinar, we’ll cover
> the critical components of DHCPv6 as well as the various deployment
> options available when using DHCPv6 in particular (and IPv6
> auto-addressing in general). We’ll also
> spend some time looking at the
> operational “gotchas” of DHCPv6 and how to avoid or mitigate them.
> Finally, we’ll examine some of the emerging proposals for enhancing
> DHCPv6 and improving its overall usability.
> Details of the Webinar:
>    - When: Oct 11 2016 time: 15:30 (UTC -4)
>    - Where: Webcasting using Webex. The link will be provided before the
> meeting
>    - How much time: Aprox 60-90 min
>    - Language of the Webinar: English
>    - Speaker: Tom Coffeen
> Tom’s bio:
> Tom Coffeen is the author of O’Reilly Media’s IPv6 Address Planning as
> well as the Chief IPv6 Evangelist at Infoblox, the market leader in DNS,
> DHCP and IP address management (DDI) and network automation solutions.
> At Infoblox, Tom is focused on the articulation of effective IPv6
> adoption strategies as well as IPv6 adoption trends for customers,
> potential customers, and the public media. Prior to joining
> Infoblox,
> Tom was the VP of network architecture at the global CDN Limelight
> Networks where he led their deployment of IPv6. Tom brings nineteen
> years of network engineering and architecture experience to his role at
> Infoblox.
> Limited seats available.
> Link to register
> https://eventos.lacnic.net/ev3/dhcpv6-insideout/detail
> Regards,
> Alejandro,

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