[LAC-TF] Casi ultimas Lecturas, fin de semana: RFC 8305 y Draft

Azael Fernandez Alcantara afaza at unam.mx
Sat Dec 23 04:58:33 BRST 2017

Buen Dia,

Para este fin de semana:

- RFC 8305

"Happy Eyeballs Version 2: Better Connectivity Using Concurrency"

"Many communication protocols operating over the modern Internet use
hostnames...This document specifies requirements for algorithms that 
reduce "the" user-visible delay and provides an example algorithm,
referred to as "Happy Eyeballs. This document obsoletes the original 
algorithm description in RFC 6555".


- Draft:
"IPv6 ND PIO Flags IANA considerations"

"The Prefix Information Option in the IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Router 
Advertisement defines an 8-bit flag field with two flags defined and the 
remaining 6 bits reservered (Reserved1).  RFC 6275 has defined a new flag 
from this field without creating a IANA registry or updating RFC 4861. 
The purpose of this document is to request that IANA to create a new 
registry for the PIO flags to avoid potential conflict in the use of these 
flags.  This document updates RFC 4861."



  PD. En caso de no haber un correo nuevo sobre este u otros temas de mi 
parte, les deseo los Mejores Deseos y un prospero 2018.

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