[LAC-TF] Lecturas inicio de semana y del 2017: Drafts

Azael Fernandez Alcantara afaza at unam.mx
Thu Jan 5 16:01:54 BRST 2017

Buen Dia,

Para el iniciar el 2017 recomiendo darle lectura a:

- "Out With the Old and In With the New: Planning for Protocol 
Internet Architecture Board


    Over the many years since the introduction of the Internet Protocol,
    we have seen a number of transitions from one protocol or technology
    to another, throughout the protocol stack.  Many protocols and
    technologies were not designed to enable smooth transition to
    alternatives or to easily deploy extensions, and thus some
    transitions, such as the introduction of IPv6, have been difficult."

En particular:
  Appendix A.  Case Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  11
      A.3.  IPv6  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  14"

Algunos puntos mencionados, cito:

"In particular, the IAB warned against generalizing NAT solutions, which 
would lead to greater dependence on them. "
"Several efforts have been made to mitigate the lack of a business
   case.  Some governments (South Korea, Japan) provided tax incentives
   to include IPv6.  Other governments (Belgium, Singapore) mandated
   IPv6 support by private companies.  Few of these had enough value to
   drive significant IPv6 deployment."
"It is impossible to predict with certainty the path IPv6 deployment
    will have taken when it is complete."


- DHCPv6 Failover Protocol) to Proposed Standard

"DHCPv6 as defined in "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6
    (DHCPv6)" (RFC3315) does not offer server redundancy.  This document
    defines a protocol implementation to provide DHCPv6 failover, a
    mechanism for running two servers with the capability for either
    server to take over clients' leases in case of server failure or
    network partition.  "



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