[LAC-TF] Lecturas inicio de semana: Drafts

Azael Fernandez Alcantara afaza at unam.mx
Mon Jan 30 02:51:22 BRST 2017

Buen Dia,

Para este inicio de semana:

- 'IPv6 Router Advertisement Options for DNS Configuration' to Proposed

This document specifies IPv6 Router Advertisement (RA) options (called DNS 
RA options) to allow IPv6 routers to advertise a list of DNS recursive 
server addresses and a DNS Search List to IPv6 hosts...


- 'DHCPv6 Prefix Length Hint Issues'

This document provides a summary of the existing problems with the 
prefix-length hint and guidance on what the client and server could do in 
different situations


- 'Home Network Prefix Renumbering in PMIPv6'

In this document, a solution to support the HNP (Home Network Prefix) 
renumbering is proposed, as an update of the PMIPv6 specification.


- 'Transmission of IPv6 Packets over DECT Ultra Low Energy'

The DECT Ultra Low Energy is an addition to the DECT interface primarily 
intended for low-bandwidth, low-power applications such as sensor devices, 
smart meters, home automation etc.
.. There is an added value in the ability to communicate with IPv6 over 
DECT ULE such as for Internet of Things applications.



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