[LAC-TF] Lecturas inicio de semana: Drafts

Azael Fernandez Alcantara afaza at unam.mx
Mon Mar 13 15:14:51 BRT 2017

Buen Dia,

Para este fin de semana:

- Unique IPv6 Prefix Per Host

"This document outlines an approach utilising existing IPv6 protocols to 
allow hosts to be assigned a unique IPv6 prefix (instead of a unique IPv6 
address from a shared IPv6 prefix)."


- Benchmarking The Neighbor Discovery Protocol

"This document provides benchmarking procedures for the Neighbor Discovery 
Protocol (NDP). Benchmarking procedures include a Baseline Test and an NDP 
Scaling Test. "


- Considerations For Using Unique Local Addresses

"This document provides considerations for using IPv6 Unique Local 
Addresses (ULAs).  Based on an analysis of different ULA usage scenarios, 
this document identifies use cases where ULA addresses are helpful as well 
as potential problems caused by using them"


Mas antiguos:

- Security of Messages Exchanged Between Servers and Relay Agents

  ICE Multihomed and IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Guidelines
    This document provides guidelines on how to make Interactive
    Connectivity Establishment (ICE) conclude faster in multihomed and
    IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack scenarios where broken paths exist.  The
    provided guidelines are backwards compatible with the original ICE


- 'Privacy Considerations for IPv6 Adaptation Layer Mechanisms' to 
Informational RFC

"This document discusses how a number of privacy threats apply to
    technologies designed for IPv6 over various link layer protocols, and
    provides advice to protocol designers on how to address such threats
    in adaptation layer specifications for IPv6 over such links."


- IPv6 Router Advertisement Options for DNS Configuration to Proposed 

" This document specifies IPv6 Router Advertisement (RA) options
    (called DNS RA options) to allow IPv6 routers to advertise a list of
    DNS recursive server addresses and a DNS Search List to IPv6 hosts.

    This document obsoletes RFC 6106."



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