[LAC-TF] Lecturas fin de semana: RFC 8319 , 8278 y Drafts

Azael Fernandez Alcantara afaza at unam.mx
Fri Feb 23 20:33:41 BRT 2018

Buen Dia,

Para este fin de semana:

- RFC 8319
"Support for Adjustable Maximum Router Lifetimes per Link"

"The IPv6 Neighbor Discovery protocol specifies the maximum time allowed 
between sending unsolicited multicast Router Advertisements (RAs) from a 
router interface as well as the maximum router lifetime...

This document specifies updates to the IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol 
(RFC 4861) to increase the maximum time allowed between sending 
unsolicited multicast RAs from a router interface as well as to increase 
the maximum router lifetime. "


Un poco mas antiguo:

- RFC 8278
"Mobile Access Gateway (MAG) Multipath Options"

"This specification defines extensions to the Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) 
protocol that allow a mobile access gateway (MAG) to register more than 
one proxy care-of address (pCoA) with the local mobility anchor (LMA) and 
to simultaneously establish multiple IP tunnels with the LMA."


- Draft:
An Update to 6LoWPAN ND

" This specification updates RFC 6775 - 6LoWPAN Neighbor Discovery, to 
clarify the role of the protocol as a registration technique, simplify the 
registration operation in 6LoWPAN routers, as well as to provide 
enhancements to the registration capabilities and mobility detection for 
different network topologies including the backbone routers performing 
proxy Neighbor Discovery in a low power network."


- Draft:
IPv6 ND PIO Flags IANA considerations

"The Prefix Information Option in the IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Router
Advertisement defines an 8-bit flag field with two flags defined and
the remaining 6 bits reserved (Reserved1).  RFC 6275 has defined a
new flag from this field without creating a IANA registry or updating
RFC 4861.  The purpose of this document is to request that IANA to
create a new registry for the PIO flags to avoid potential conflict
in the use of these flags.  This document updates RFC 4861."


Mas antiguo pero no mencionado antes:

- Draft:
Requirements for IPv6 Routers

".... This document provides an overview of the design and architectural 
decisions that attend IPv6 deployment, and a set of IPv6 requirements for 
routers,switches, and middleboxes deployed in IPv6 networks.  The hope of 
the editors and contributors is to provide the neccessary background to 
guide equipment manufacturers, protocol implemenetors, and network 
operators in effective IPv6 deployment."



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