[LAC-TF] Fwd: Way forward for RFC4941 (temporary addresses)

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Subject: Way forward for RFC4941 (temporary addresses)
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2018 20:57:10 -0300
From: Fernando Gont <fgont at si6networks.com>
To: 6man at ietf.org <6man at ietf.org>


Based on the discussion at the last m6an meeting we have published these
two documents:

* draft-gont-6man-rfc4941bis-00

This is a bis document of RFC4941. Besides a lots of editorial changes
(updated refs, removed content that is no longer relevant or is covered
in other RFCs done in 6man), it does this:

   +  Replaces the algorithm in RFC4941 for generating randomized IIDs,
      with two alternative algorithms originally in <>

   + The doc does not preclude use of temporary-only

   + The document keeps (from RFC4941) the algorithm for generating
     temporary addresses, specification of variables and timers, etc.

*  draft-gont-6man-non-stable-iids-02

This is an update of the I-D I presented at the last 6man meeting.
Algorithms have been moved out (and incorporated into rfc4941bis), and
the document focuses on the requirements for generating temporary
addresses. This document parallels RFC8064.

Feedback will be very welcome.


Best regards,
Fernando Gont
SI6 Networks
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