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Version corta de la historia:

Internet Society acaba de publicar un documento de mi autoría, titulado:
"IPv6 Security for IPv4 Engineers"- El mismo se encuentra disponible en:


Para quien haya leido "IPv6 Security Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)"
(disponible en:
encontrarán muchos mas temas cubiertos, en mayor profundidad, etc.

Version "larga" de la historia:
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It is often argued that IPv4 practices should be forgotten when
deploying IPv6, as after all IPv6 is a different protocol! But we think
years of IPv4 operational experience should be leveraged as much as

So we are publishing IPv6 Security for IPv4 Engineers as a roadmap to
IPv6 security that is specifically aimed at IPv4 engineers and operators.

Rather than describing IPv6 in an isolated manner, it aims to re-use as
much of the existing IPv4 knowledge and experience as possible, by
highlighting the security issues that affect both protocols in the same
manner, and those that are new or different for the IPv6 protocol suite.
Additionally, it discusses the security implications arising from the
co-existence of the IPv6 and IPv4 protocols.
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