[LACNIC/Napla] Call for the Election of NAPLA's Moderator

Nicolás Quagliata nicolas at lacnic.net
Mon Feb 12 12:02:00 BRST 2007

* English version of the Call for the Election of NAPLA's Moderator below*

Dear subscriber

We announce that the Call of nominations and postulations for the 
NAPLA’s moderator is opened.


The moderator candidates should be a member of the following list 
napla at lacnic.net
and belong to the Latinamerican and Caribbean region.

The elected candidate will perform as a moderator till the next election 
that will take place in 60 following days after the LACNIC meeting in 2008.

The nominations can be done by any list member. The self-nominations are 

In order to postulate you should send the following information to the 
NAPLA’s list napla at lacnic.net

- Candidate’s name
- Candidate’s E-mail
- Name of the person that postulate (If the postulation is done by 
thirds, the candidate should accept the postulation in the list before 
the nominations close)
-Curriculum and additional information optative (could be proposals and 
ideas to be executed in case the person is elected).


The Elector Register will be composed by the NAPLA’s list integrators at 
the closing moment.
Each person that is interested in voting could emit only one vote.

The candidate that obtains more votes is the one chosen for the 
moderator post.
In case that N candidates have the same quantity of votes is going to be 
another voting round, where the interested voters will emit only one 
vote and the N candidates will be elected.


Candidates Postulation/Nomination - 12/02/2007 - 16/02/2007 (TILL 18:00 
HS UTC- local time could be acknowledged in www.timeanddate.com)
Closing Electoral Register - 16/2/2007- at 18:00 hs UTC
Candidate’s publication - 16/2/2007 - at closing of the nominations period.
Voting - 19/2/2007 - 23/2/2007
Results announcement - 26/2/2007


1. Moderate the list.
2. Propose the topics and request proposals of topics to be discussed.
3. Prepare and coordinate the schedules for the NAPLA’s meeting in 
person during the annual LACNIC meeting.
-- If it is necessary the moderator should organize other remote 
meetings (videoconference, VoIP, Chat, etc)
4. Organize with LACNIC’s support the call of presentations about 
NAPLA’s works.
5. Coordinate the process of the works selection and presenters for the 
6. Moderate the annual NAPLA’s meeting.
7. Elaborate the annual report of the activities and present it in the 
annual NAPLA’s meeting.

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