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Paraguay was first connected to the Internet in

has been mostly based on expensive satellite links.

As of March

CONATEL, to offer Internet services through their own infrastructure or by leasing

capacity from other operators. The Internet Paraguayan Chamber (CAPADI –

Cámara Paraguaya de Internet) was formed in

companies with the aim to balance the power of ANTELCO, the state-owned

operator and effectively blocking the company to enter the Interne t access market.

As a natural market response to the economic conditions for operators, private

interconnections appeared since

operational and technical norms for the NAP in

CAPADI claims that by

the NAP. The long term goal of CAPADI is to integrate a fiber optics ring between

the MercoSur countries (Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay and Paraguay) and, in general,

avoid reliance on satellite for international connectivity. Connections to the NAP

vary from

speeds. Half of the companies connect through fiber and the other half through

microwave links.

In parallel to CAPADI’s efforts, Project Arandu focuses on an academic network to

interconnect to other peers as the Internet 2 project.

1996 and since then c onnectivity200480, 44 companies had a license from the local regulator,1997 by 14 of 44 the aforementioned1998 precluding the formal integration of2001.2002, 90% of all active Paraguayan ISP’s were members of1 to 45 Mbps, with plans to move all participants’ links to 100 Mbps

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