[LACNIC/Napla] Worldwide IXP association cooperation proposal

Serge Radovcic serge at euro-ix.net
Wed Jul 28 09:38:07 BRT 2010

Hello colleagues at NAPLA,

As APIX is now well on the way to being established in the Asia Pacific
region, NAPLA in Latin America has been holding successful IXP specific
meeting for a number of years now and Euro-IX continues to work with the IXP
community in both Europe and around the globe, it is crucial that these IXP
associations keep in close contact and work in harmony to further develop
and strengthen the IXP community globally.

With this in mind I would like to present the following document that was
put together by the Euro-IX board and is supported by the Euro-IX membership
at large. We hope that this is a move in the right direction for further
cooperation between our associations.

We are more than interested to know what you, as an individual or an
association, think of this proposal and would naturally welcome any comments
or suggestions that you might have.


I look forward to your input on this proposal

Kind regards,

Serge Radovcic
Secretary General

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