[LACNIC/Seguridad] Internet Addressing: Measuring Deployment of IPv6

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Title: Internet Addressing: Measuring Deployment of IPv6
Author: Karine Perset
Source: OECD
Date Published: April 2010


'....The goal of the report is to present to policy makers various
data sets being used to monitor IPv6 deployment. The Internet‟s
distributed nature makes measuring IPv6 challenging because many
stakeholders and components are involved. No single measurement can
indicate the overall level of IPv6 deployment on the Internet, or in
private networks, nor how much IPv6 is actually being used. Instead,
various indicators are presented in this report, each of which
offers information on a specific aspect of IPv6 deployment and from
a particular vantage point. A goal of the report is to indicate the
relevancy, reliability and representativeness of various

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