[LACNIC/Seguridad] Geo-location, etc.

Arruda, Julio jarruda en arbor.net
Vie Feb 11 14:22:18 BRST 2011

Curious, what you mean by 'in this weekend' :-) ?

Is the old saying, no more secrets.

People in USA, that use the 'automated toll transponder', have every
single toll 'logged' in the website (example, Sunpass).
MobileMe, for Iphone and similars, give 3rd parties access to your info

And, as a last remark, TOR is your friend

On 2/11/11 8:08 AM, "Fernando Gont" <fernando en gont.com.ar> wrote:

>Miscelanea, para que puedan paranoiquear un poco el fin de semana:
>* http://technologyreview.com/computing/26914/?mod=related
>* http://www.mozilla.com/es-AR/firefox/geolocation/
>Saludos, y ojala que puedan dormir, ;-)
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