[LACNIC/Seguridad] LACNIC's upcoming webinar - DHCPv6: Inside and Out (English only)

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Dom Oct 9 22:57:11 BRT 2016

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Dear List members,

We would like to invite you to LACNIC's upcoming webinar.

Language: English only

Topic: DHCPv6: Inside and Out

Brief description:
DHCPv6 isn’t just IPv4 DHCP with extra bits and a longer address! It’s a
complete restructuring of DHCP using the framework of IPv6 Neighbor
Discovery (itself a restructuring of ARP). In this webinar, we’ll cover
the critical components of DHCPv6 as well as the various deployment
options available when using DHCPv6 in particular (and IPv6
auto-addressing in general). We’ll also
spend some time looking at the
operational “gotchas” of DHCPv6 and how to avoid or mitigate them.
Finally, we’ll examine some of the emerging proposals for enhancing
DHCPv6 and improving its overall usability.
Details of the Webinar:
  - When: Oct 11 2016 time: 15:30 (UTC -4)
  - Where: Webcasting using Webex. The link will be provided before the
  - How much time: Aprox 60-90 min
  - Language of the Webinar: English
  - Speaker: Tom Coffeen

Tom’s bio:

Tom Coffeen is the author of O’Reilly Media’s IPv6 Address Planning as
well as the Chief IPv6 Evangelist at Infoblox, the market leader in DNS,
DHCP and IP address management (DDI) and network automation solutions.
At Infoblox, Tom is focused on the articulation of effective IPv6
adoption strategies as well as IPv6 adoption trends for customers,
potential customers, and the public media. Prior to joining
Tom was the VP of network architecture at the global CDN Limelight
Networks where he led their deployment of IPv6. Tom brings nineteen
years of network engineering and architecture experience to his role at

Limited seats available.

Link to register



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