[LACNIC/Seguridad] [lacnog] Bogon route objects in the LACNIC IRR

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg en tristatelogic.com
Mie Ago 18 13:46:48 -03 2021

In message <3761954e-f9cc-648b-8bd4-2aa028bd0c2c en gmail.com>, 
"Sergio Rojas. . ." <sergio.astigarraga en gmail.com> wrote:

>Remember that this list has code of conduct, please try to keep 
>respectful message providing valuable suggestions to the community  
>instead  unfounded accusations.

I began here as I always do, respectfully to all.  I pointed out
something that I, and also a few others, regard as a problem.

Job responded by attacking me personally, and my competence, and my

I would like nothing better that to conduct well-reasoned technical
discussions, based on facts and technical information, without people
like Job accusing me of being stupid, just because I don't happen to
agree with his viewpoint, or having him question either my motives
or my ancestry.  I have not done that to him.  He should not do it
to me.

I have not sought and I am not seeking praise or accolades.  I am
not arguing a position because it will serve my personal financial
interests.  I am attempting to do only what I have done for the
past 20 years, i.e. argue in favor of advancing the security and
integrity of the Internet on behalf of the ordinary end user, of
which I am one.  If I had made technical mistakes, then I am happy
to be corrected.  What I am not happy to be is poinlessly and
personally denigrated.


P.S.  I have no idea what "unfounded accusations" you speak of.
Maybe you would care to be specific (?)

I know that *I* have not made any such, so I guess you must be
refering to comments made by someone else.

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