[LACNIC/Anuncios] Call for project engineer and developer

Ricardo Patara patara at lacnic.net
Wed Jun 27 08:50:01 BRT 2007

    Call for project engineer and developer to work in LACNIC (Latin
    American and Caribbean Registry IP address), in its office in the
    city of Montevideo, Uruguay.

    Position: Project engineer and software developer.

  - Degree in engineering or computer science. 
  - Minimum experience of 3 years in C/C++ development and OO. 
  - Development experience in TCP/IP (client/server) and Web (cgi)
  - Experience in data base systems (SQL).
  - Knowledge and experience in DNS (Domain Name System). 
  - Knowledge in Internet resources distribution system and IP
  - Communication skills to expose and to defend its own and the
    organization ideas.
  - Capacity to work in team, being it local or remote. 
  - Languages Spanish and English fluid as much as writing as oral. Other
    languages skills will be valued, specially Portuguese.
  - Availability for national and international trips.

  - Knowledge in UNIX and free software (open source) environment.
  - Familiarity with the development of protocols and standards of the
  - Knowledge of cryptography and digital certification.

  - Maintenance of system in C/C++ and SQL data base.
  - Project and development of systems to support organization
  - Cooperate with other team, local or remote, in system development.
  - Maintain DNS servers for inverse resolution as well as publication
  - Participate in international meetings with engineering group of
    associate organizations.
  - Follow the development of new protocols and/or standards related
    to the activity of the organization.

    Those interested should send their curriculum vitae to
    rrhh at lacnic.net

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