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Fri Jun 5 17:17:49 BRT 2009

Hosted by the Technological University of Panama (Universidad 
Tecnológica de Panamá), the LACNIC XII event was held in Panama City 
between 24 May and 29 May, 2009. The meeting was attended by 305 
participants from 40 different countries, both from the LACNIC region as 
well as from other regions.

Participants included representatives from different sectors such as 
governments, academia, ISPs, NAP and ccTLD operators, content providers, 
international carriers, Regional Internet Registries, ICANN, and civil 

Simultaneous interpretation in three languages (Spanish, English and 
Portuguese) was provided for all plenary sessions, which were also 
broadcast via webcast. Remote participation using the means that were 
provided to that end was significant.

The following is a summary of the most important activities that were 
conducted during the event.

- TUTORIALS – Starting on Sunday, 24 May, 7 tutorials were held. The 
material presented during these workshops is available on the event's 
website at the following addresses:

- IPv6: Introduction and Configuration 

- IPv6: Planning its Deployment - 

- IPv6 in the Last Mile - 

- LACNIC Registration System - 

- Interconnection and Peering 

- Creation and Management of CSIRTs: 

- BGP: Introduction and Traffic Engineering - 

- REGIONAL INTERCONNECTION FORUM, NAPLA 2009 - This forum dealt with 
technical issues; projects were presented by representatives of many of 
the region's NAPs. Ten regional NAPs participated in the panel on How to 
scale an IX in our region. Presentation files are available at: 

- SIMON PROJECT - The project that was presented –which will be headed 
by LACNIC– was the result of an initiative by representatives of the 
regional community interested in interconnection issues. This project 
will allow measuring connection delays between different countries of 
the region and the traffic among them, as well as identifying where 
traffic is headed.
The event included presentations and a panel on CSIRT creation and 
management with the participation of numerous representatives of CSIRTs 
of our region.

LACNIC announced that execution of the Security Project which is being 
promoted with the support of the IDRC will begin in July 2009. The 
project aims at providing training and promoting the creation of 
Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) in the region of 
Latin America and the Caribbean with the purpose of increasing the 
region's ability to prevent computer security incidents and respond 
properly when they occur.

All presentations made during this forum are available at: 
- +RAICES - Within the framework of this project, an agreement was 
signed between LACNIC and OCIX (Open Caribbean Internet Exchange) which 
will soon allow a copy of the F root server to be installed in St. 
Maarten, the first such copy in the Caribbean.
- PUBLIC POLICY FORUM - During the Public Policy Forum nine proposals 
were presented, six of which approved. These proposals will now enter 
the 45-day last call for comments period.

All proposals are available at the following address: 

Nicolás Antoniello was elected co-chair of LACNIC's Public Policy Forum, 
replacing interim co-chair Eldert Louisa.

Sebastián Bellagamba was re-elected LACNIC region representative to the 
ASO Address Council (ASO AC/NRO NC) beginning on January 1st, 2010.

RPKI - LACNIC presented its work plan for the implementation of the 
resource certification project (RPKI).
An annual report was presented describing the Forum's activities, as 
well as several presentations describing different experiences in the 
use of IPv6: http://www.lacnic.net/en/eventos/lacnicxii/flip62009.html

IPv6 EXPERIMENT – The experiment proposed by DS-Lite was conducted 
successfully with the support of Comcast. During this experiment, 50 
participants simulated a working environment post-IPv4 exhaustion. The 
experiment was well received and considered an improvement over the one 
conducted during the LACNIC XI meeting using NAT-PT technology.
During the Assembly, the annual report, ba¬lance sheets and external 
auditor's reports as at December 2008 were approved by unanimous vote.

The modification of articles 20 and 31 of LACNIC's bylaws was approved, 
thus increasing the number of members of the organization's Board of 
Directors from six to seven.

In addition, a new membership structure was approved which considers 
joint IPv4 and IPv6 address block assignments.

Likewise, new members of the Fiscal and Electoral Commissions were 
elected. The candidates elected to occupy these positions were Ms 
Adriana Ibarra Vázquez and Mr Jorge Raúl Cabañas Acevedo, respectively.

Details of the documents discussed during the Assembly are available at 
LACNIC'S website: http://www.lacnic.net/en/eventos/lacnicxii/asamblea.html
- MEETING OF LAC GOVERNMENTS - Representatives of ten governments met in 
Panama within the framework of LACNIC XII. These representatives agreed 
to create a working group within the LACNIC environment in order to 
facilitate communication among the region's governments and LACNIC 
regarding the administration of Internet resources within the region.

- LAW ENFORCEMENT - Law enforcement officers and government 
representatives from different countries of the region met with the aim 
of improving the knowledge that law enforcement agencies in those 
countries have regarding cybercrime and the proper use of public address 
registration information (WHOIS).

non-Spanish speaking Caribbean countries participated in the meeting 
summoned by LACNIC with the aim of understanding their needs, their view 
on LACNIC meetings, and how to improve participation of the Caribbean 
community in LACNIC's activities in general.

- As is already traditional, other regional organizations such as 
LACTLD, EcomLAC, and the Internet Society held their annual meetings 
within the framework of LACNIC's annual event.

LACNIC would like to thank all those who made this event possible, 
particularly Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá -the event's local 
organizer- and all the sponsors who participated:
Cable&Wireless Panamá, Tiscali International Network (now TINET), 
Nic.br, Neustar, Senacyt, Google, Afilias, ISOC, Desca, NIC.mx, NIC.cl, 
NIC.pa, Cisco, Antel Uruguay, NameAction, Telecarrier, Multitek, 
Columbus Network, and Network Startup Resource Center.

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