[LACNIC/Anuncios] LACNIC XIV Report (English)

Adriana Rivero adriana at lacnic.net
Thu Oct 28 15:51:07 BRST 2010

LACNIC XIV took place from 19 to 20 October 2010 at the Caesar Park 
International Airport Hotel, Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil hosted by the 
NIC.br - CGI.br. 200 people from 21 countries inside and outside the 
LACNIC region attended the meeting.

LACNIC XIV was held in conjunction with the first meeting of LACNOG, 
(Forum of Network Operators of Latin America and the Caribbean) and the 
4th edition of the Brazilian PTT Forum.

All sessions had simultaneous translation in 3 languages (Spanish, 
English and Portuguese) and were broadcast via webcasting. There was a 
significant number of people who participated remotely through the 
channels provided for this purpose.

The most important activities of the LACNIC meeting were:

PUBLIC POLICY FORUM - 5 policy proposals were presented at the Public 
Forum. 4 of them reached consensus at the Forum and are now within the 
45-day period of last call for comments. The proposals that reached 
consensus are:

- LAC-2010-03 - Inclusion of ASN in the WHOIS when available
- LAC-2009-09 - Modification: Direct Allocations to Internet 
Service Providers
- LAC-2010-05 Initial allocation and assignment of IPv4 addresses for ISPs
- LAC-2010-06 Assignment to End Users with need of interconnection

The following global policy proposal did not reach consensus at the Forum:
- LAC-2010-04 - Global Policy for IPv4 Allocation by the IANA post 
All policy proposals are accessible at:

The Executive Director of LACNIC made an introduction to the panel 
presenting an analysis of the use of the IPv4 address space in LAC and 
what is the IPv4 space available for the region. The panel was composed 
of representatives of major Internet operators in the region who gave 
their views on the subject and discussed the current IPv4 address 
exhaustion and the relevance and plans for the transition to IPv6.
LACNIC's presentation is available at:

As a complement to the panel about the new scenario after the central 
pool depletion, it was presented a panel integrated by operators from 
Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela, focusing on the need for adjustments to 
current policies, so as to ensure a harmonized transition towards the 
deployment of IPv6. Some suggestions that came as contributions from the 
panelists and the audience were: request deployment of IPv6 to those 
providers applying for IPv4 remaining addresses, ensure availability of 
IPv4 address space during the transition time, reservation policy to 
prevent black market and policies between LACNIC and NIRs .

This panel was composed of the moderators of all LACNIC forums (Public 
Policy Forum, LACSEC, FLIP-6 and Interconnection) to discuss how to 
increase community participation in meetings, mailing lists, forums and 
all the activities of LACNIC. There was a high number of participants 
both onsite and remotely that provided input.

It was presented an update of LACNIC Technical Services and its progress 
on issues such as:
Resource Certification System (RPKI), Automated Registration System 
Resources (EPP) and Comments for "Certification Practice Statement” 
(CPS) for RPKI.

All presentations are available at:

The webcast archives of the entire meeting will be available shortly on 
the meeting website.

Thanks to LACNIC´s financial assistance program with the support of 
ISOC, 34 people from 12 countries of the region received financial 
assistance to attend the joint event LACNOG - LACNIC XIV.

LACNIC, together with other relevant regional organizations (ISOC, 
CLARA, NIC.mx, NIC.br - CGI.br) provided support in organizing the first 
Forum of Network Operators of Latin America and the Caribbean, LACNOG 
2010, which had the participation of a large number of members of the 
Internet community who had the opportunity to exchange experiences and 
technical information related to network infrastructure and to discuss 
technical implementation issues and business practices.

LACNIC would like to thank everyone who made this meeting possible, 
especially Nic.br - CGI.br who hosted the meeting and the Internet 
Society (ISOC), who took the responsibility to make possible this first 
LACNOG. Also, to all the sponsors who contributed to strengthen the 
quality of the event:

Antel Uruguay, Google, Internexa, NIC.cl, Brocade, Black IT, Extreme 
Networks, TDEC Network Group.

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