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As part of its constant efforts to work more closely with the Caribbean 
Community, LACNIC successfully held the third edition of its LACNIC - 
CARIBBEAN meeting on 13-15 July. The event was held in the city of 
Paramaribo, Suriname, with the support of the Caribbean Association of 
National Telecommunication Organizations (CANTO) which held their 27th 
Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition back-to-back with the LACNIC 

The meeting was open to the regional community and focused mainly on 
training and encouraging participants to use and deploy the new IPv6 
protocol and analyzing topics relating to Internet resource 
administration policies in the region, security issues, and resource 

The event was attended by 77 participants representing different sectors 
including governments, regulatory bodies, ISPs, IXPs, content providers, 
and international carriers.

Regenie Fräser, CANTO Secretary General, Dirk Currie, Telesur's CEO and 
member of CANTO's Board of Directors, and Raul Echeberria, LACNIC's CEO, 
took part in the opening ceremony. Bernadette Lewis, CTU Secretary 
General, presented her apologies for not being able to attend the 
meeting and sent a message that was read during the ceremony.

This three-day meeting included three IPv6 workshops (Basic IPv6, 
Transition Mechanisms, and IPv6 Security) which were received with great 
interest and showed high levels of participation.

The material presented in those workshops is available on the event's 


Members of LACNIC staff made institutional presentations and also 
presented reports on the activities organized by LACNIC and the services 
provided by the organization. These covered issues such as the pool of 
available IPv4 addresses and projected consumption in the LACNIC service 
region, IPv6 adoption and actions to promote its deployment within the 
region, as well as a detailed description of all the services that 
LACNIC provides to its members and to the regional community in general.

Max Larson Henry, LACNIC Public Policy Forum Chair, explained how 
LACNIC's Policy Development Process (PDP) works and provided information 
on the policies that are currently under discussion both in the LACNIC 
region and at global level. He also presented a report on IPv6 
implementation experiences in the Caribbean.

Members of LACNIC staff also presented the Security project (AMPARO) and 
LACNIC's Resource Certification project (RPKI).

Brent Mc Intosh, of Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited, and August 
Imang, of Telesur, shared their experiences of having participated in 
previous LACNIC meetings as Caribbean representatives.

All these presentations are available on the event's website:


Through its financial assistance program, LACNIC provided financial 
support to five individuals from different Caribbean countries who were 
thus able to participate in this meeting.

With these open meetings LACNIC seeks to foster greater participation of 
the Caribbean members in its priority work areas and to work more 
closely with the community.

LACNIC would like to thank ISOC, Telesur and ICANN, the event's 
sponsors, for having provided their support to make this meeting 
possible, and particularly CANTO for its support as the meeting's host.

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