[LACNIC/Anuncios] Welcome to our fourth daily recap!

Alexandra Dans alexandra at lacnic.net
Thu Nov 1 09:44:52 BRST 2012

Welcome to our fourth daily recap!

On Tuesday, during the LACNIC Policy Forum, the following proposals were 
discussed with the following results:

- LAC-2012-04v2 - Harmonization of items 7 and 9.5 of the Policy Manual 
(Gustavo Lozano) - No consensus was reached. The proposal will be sent 
back to the list for further discussion.
- LAC-2012-05 - Post-exhaustion IPv4 IANA-distributed 
allocations/assignments (Gustavo Lozano) - Consensus was reached.
- LAC-2012-09 - Update RIRs-on-48 (Ricardo Patara) - Consensus was reached.
- LAC-2012-10 - Allocation of IPv6 address blocks larger than a /32 
(Ricardo Patara) - Consensus was reached with a minor modification that 
does not affect the spirit of the proposal ("binary boundaries" was 
replaced by "hexadecimal boundaries")
- LAC-2012-12 - Eliminating requirement for initial IPv4 End-User 
requests (Pedro R. Torres Jr.) – Reached consensus with a minor 
modification in the Spanish version of the title (the word 
"requerimientos" was replaced by "requisitos").
- LAC-2011-08v3 - Including RPKI repository data in the Whois database 
when available (Flavio Marcelo Amaral) - Abandoned by the author.
- LAC-2012-11 - Requirement to sign up for RPKI when requesting 
additional resources (Roque Gagliano). No consensus was reached. The 
proposal will be sent back to the list for further discussion.

On Wednesday afternoon, from 2:30 to 5:00 pm, four additional policies 
were discussed (available at 
http://www.lacnic.net/web/lacnic/politicas). Results will be reported in 
tomorrow's daily recap.

The 3rd Regional Meeting of Computer Security Incident Response Teams 
(CSIRTs) was also held today, with the participation of 30 
representatives of different groups from around the region. Belisario 
Contreras of OAS/CICTE participated remotely from Washington, via 

At noon, the women participating in the event came together to share a 
lunch were they talked about their experiences in the ICT field. This 
occasion was much appreciated by the participants who favored networking.

Within the framework of LACNOG 2012, two panels were scheduled – SDN 
(Software-Defined Networks) and Internet Infrastructure in Latin America 
and the Caribbean. These presentations will be available at 

The day ended with a gala dinner to which all participants were invited. 
As a surprise, Raul Echeberría, CEO of LACNIC and Felix Fernandez, Human 
Resources Manager of Lacnic, gave a special recognition to five people 
from the LACNIC staff that have been with the organization for more than 
six years: Ernesto Majó, Adriana Rivero, Florencia Bianchi, Paula Manci 
and Ximena Garreta.

The dinner featured a spectacular show by Ruben Rada, a world-renowned 
Uruguayan singer-songwriter who was awarded the 2011 Latin Grammy 
Lifetime Achievement Award. Photographs of the party will be published 
on Thursday at the event's website.

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow!


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