[LACNIC/Anuncios] LACNIC is celebrating its 13th anniversary, and we have more than 5, 000 reasons to continue working.

Oscar A. Robles-Garay oscar at lacnic.net
Fri Oct 30 13:57:26 BRST 2015

*LACNIC is celebrating its 13th anniversary, and we have more than 5,000 
reasons to continue working.*

LACNIC is celebrating 13 years since its creation and we are pleased to 
announce that we now have 5,000 Latin American and Caribbean members. 
This means that 1,000 new organizations and companies have joined LACNIC 
since our last anniversary.

This important growth is the result of the work of LACNIC and its 
community aimed at meeting the service region's Internet development 

 From our origins as a small organization serving less than 100 members, 
LACNIC has become a regional and global reference with more than 5,000 

This evolution has also been reflected in the community: by the end of 
2015, the region is expected to reach 370 million users, adding 62 
million new users as compared to 2014. When LACNIC was created, the 
average Internet penetration rate in Latin America was approximately 10% 
to 15%.

In addition to efficiently managing the numbering resources for the 
region, all this time we have attempted to be a permanent catalyst for 
Internet development in Latin America and the Caribbean, always relying 
on our community.

More than 11 thousand professionals trained in technologies relating to 
Internet security and stability are a testament to this. Launched last 
year, the LACNIC Campus will allow us to significantly increase our 
ability to serve new professionals.

LACNIC's 5,000 members include a broad variety of entities, among them 
major Latin American and Caribbean Internet companies, organizations and 

We are delighted with our achievements and the progress we've made. At 
the same time, we reaffirm our commitment to providing our community 
with more and better services.

We have thousands of reasons to continue working with you.
With our warmest Regards,

Oscar Robles
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